Monday, 28 March 2011

The Plea

When I first saw you in that strange dark club, I could not stop staring at you, all the while hoping that you would not see, yet wanting you to be aware of me as I was of you.

You were dark and mysterious, a creature whose existence I could not believe, wreathed in cigarette smoke and experience. I wanted to be part of you, to shelter under the wing of your erotic knowledge and to crawl at your command when ever you asked me.

But I did not think that would ever be possible. Too shy to approach you and sure that you could never take any interest in my youth and naivety I took myself home, but that night in the darkness of my room I fantasised about our being together and our hands taking a mutual voyage of discovery over each other’s secret places,

In my mind’s eye my hand was yours, and it took me to places I needed to go to, but I knew that they were for nothing without you..

So this is my letter to you. I want to be yours, to do with what you wish. Spank me like a naughty child if that is your will. (Oh please do that! I need to be punished by you!)

Bind me or blindfold me and make me helpless

Strip me naked and spank me as often as you will

I will make myself available to be punished by you , baring my bottom to your scourging hand. It is what I crave.

And afterwards, I will be contrite, anxious to make it up to you, and in my inept and clumsy way will try and give you pleasure in exchange for punishment. If that is what you want.

At the club tonight I will be brave. I will come over and kiss you in the darkness then hand you this letter.

And then I will go and wait for you to come to me. All night if necessary. And every other night.

Please don’t let me down. My body is young and beautiful, and it is yours for the asking.

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