Thursday, 24 March 2011

Every girl should have one

Now like me, most of you girls will own at least a couple of pairs of Fuck-Me shoes. Ludicrously impractical with sky high heels and designed to tell the world that this is a girl who has much to offer, mostly in the bedroom department.

In my opinion it is at least as important for every girl to own at least one Spank- Me dress. OK, now I've got your interest, let me give you my own description of such a garment. It's best in my opinion that it's not low cut as that could divert attention from where you want it to be. Ideally it should be made from something like clingy jersey to show off everything at its best, and of course ultra tight and short to put your gorgeous bottom on display as never before. Such a dress is not for the faint hearted and I don't have to say that it can't be worn lightly. Putting it on in public has potentially dangerous if interesting consequences.

Walk into a party in this and suddenly the room is divided. The women want to kill you knowing they simply can't compete, and as for the men they have turned into a cohesive collective growl; instantly you are the elephant in the room. Everyone is conscious of you, but no one admits to it, and all the while every person for their different reasons is obsessively watching your every twitch and movement from hooded bloodshot eyes.

And as for the man who brought you! Poor chap, boiling with pride at squiring such a creature but along with the rest of the male company, eaten up with the frustration that for the whole evening he can only admire from a distance and not lay more than a token finger on you. At least till he gets you home!

And home is where you both pay the price and earn your reward! Once he's got you alone a weird mixture of lust, longing, and some primitive need for revenge well up in him and before you know it he's got you over his knee, happy that at last he can give that wickedly gorgeous bottom of yours all the attention that he's wanted to pay it all evening. Mercifully he doesn't even pull your dress up; not to start with anyway as that's a pleasure can wait. Your bottom has never been so gorgeously and lasciviously displayed and he's going to enjoy ever second of spanking it into submission.

"How- dare - you- make- such- an- exhibition- of- your- self-you-little........"

Each word punctuated and underlined with a stinging spank, and each one a little harder than the last till both his punitive energy and your inability to tolerate further punishment meld in a mutual howl of sexual need and the offending garment is pulled up, your panties pushed aside and nature takes its course.

And as you lay there, flooded with pride and pain and satisfaction, not to mention gallons of his sperm, you think that the dress was worth every penny you paid for it, and you simply must get another one like it.

But this time a little shorter and tighter!

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