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Erotic Interlude by Sir Stephen

I’m pleased to be able to give you another contribution from a guest, this a short story from Sir Stephen who has been posting appropriate comments on the blog for some little time now.

Any feed back from you would be much appreciated.

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An Erotic Interlude by Sir Stephen

“Come here” he said
She came to him on trembling legs but willingly.

He was sitting on a chair; he had taken his jacket and tie off and was waiting patiently.

She advanced the four short steps that separated them and stood in front of him.

“Raise your skirt to your waist, “ he commanded.

Taking hold of the material in both her hands she slowly inched it up her thighs past her stocking tops past her panties and held it around her waist.
She felt a wetness starting between her legs and her nipples grow hard

“Why are you here”? He asked

“I am here because I have come for my spanking”. The phrase betrayed her body as the wetness between her legs grew.

“Are you a naughty girl”? He enquired.

“Yes Sir” she replied

“And what happens to naughty girls”? He asked

“They get spanked Sir” She could feel her juices as they flowed into her panties

He reached out turned her sideways and placed one hand on her bottom. He started to slowly rub her bottom his hand moving in slow circles over her panties. She gave a little sigh and tried to push her bottom into his warm comforting hand.

He took his other hand and placed it on the front of her panties feeling the dampness. He ran his fingers lightly along the seam of the material and she gave a little moan. He placed his hand across the front lightly teasing. His hand slipped between her legs and he caressed her feeling her wet pussy as he moved the material back and forth as she groaned softly with desire.
He took his hand away and she whimpered in frustration. He ran an inquisitive finger under the leg of her panties and he felt soft wet hot skin as he moved his finger along until he found her crack and deliberately inserted his finger deep inside her soaking wet pussy.

She moaned louder this time as he pushed in his finger and found her clit. He rubbed it back and forth in her juices. Her moans were low and soft like a mewing noise her breath quickened and became shallower. Her hips began to imperceptibly thrust forward shamelessly trying to impale herself on the intruding finger.

She gave a long moan of frustration as he withdrew his hand.
He took his hand away from her bottom and placing his fingers in the waistband of her panties slowly drew them down her silken thighs.
He could smell the distinct odour of her arousal as her panties were slowly lowered and he could see the wetness that ran down her inner thigh.

“Legs apart Marsha”

She widened her stance in front of him her panties straining against her thighs as she pushed her legs apart.

He replaced his hand on her bottom and continued to move it across her bare cheeks. With his other hand he teased her. He brushed his fingers against her sopping wet pussy his fingers trailing through her pubic hair darting in and out of her vagina.

“What is going to happen to you Marsha”? He asked

“You are going to spank me Sir” she replied her breath coming out in gasps as his fingers toyed with her.

She began to shake almost uncontrollably as his probing fingers once again found her clit and began to rub it.

“Where am I going to spank you Marsha?” he asked

“You are going to spank me on my bare bottom Sir” she replied haltingly the insinuating finger deep inside her making her voice quiver and her body squirm with pleasure.

He took his hands away from her body and sat back in the chair.
She looked at him pleadingly her eyes alight her body burning with desire.

“Come over my knee”

She laid across his lap her hands on the carpet her bottom prominently displayed.

He placed a hand on her bottom and she instinctively opened her legs.
He patted her bottom with one hand and with his other placed it deep between her silken thighs.

Her pussy was sopping wet and open to his touch as he placed first his middle finger and then his thumb inside her. Her clit was enlarged as he grasped it and slid his fingers along.

She shivered and moaned loudly.

He raised his hand high in the air and brought it down hard with a loud smack across her bare bottom.

She gasped as the pain took hold and sent shivers down her.

He started to spank her in earnest his hand rising and falling in a constant rhythm

With one spanking her bare bottom the other hand was between her thighs deep inside her playing with her clit sending shivers deep inside.

As his hand came down across her naked bottom she arched her back to meet it and then pushed down onto his fingers grinding her pelvis against his knee as she lusted hungrily for his fingers on her clit. The impact of the smack sending delicious waves of pleasure that coursed through her body and made her shake with desire.

He spanked her hard and she felt no pain as she pushed her back up to meet the smacks. The throbbing in her bottom transcended to the burning physical ache in her pussy as he continued to play with her clit.

She gave long moans of pleasure as she worked herself up and down, her bottom coming into contact with his hand and then pushing herself down hard onto his fingers. Her pussy becoming a plaything as he manipulated her clit she screamed in sheer bliss

She bumped and ground her hips furiously against him her bottom bucking wildly across his lap as she was spanked and played with.

She shrieked again this time with unbridled pleasure and lust as she began to climax. A long deep intense orgasm and she lay spent across his lap.

(C) SirStephen 1996


  1. Mmmm...delicious. This is just the kind of spanking I close my eyes and wish for.

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