Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The girl from the agency

Yes, Sir. I'm the new girl from the agency. I'm well recommended, Sir and most of the gentlemen tend to be pleased they had me. If it's all the same with you, Sir I'll just take my knickers off now if that's all right. Well, I've never yet been to a job where they didn't come off sooner or later, so let's do it now to save time.

What change completely? Right now? Well, if you like. No, I suppose I don't mind if you want to watch. What I always say is that if God gave a girl a nice body, it’s a kindness for her not to keep it to herself.

Oh I see! My uniform is upstairs is it! No problem! It always seems that my uniform is upstairs. You're going to come up and show me exactly where it is are you? How very kind of you! I could tell straight away that you were the considerate sort.

Now, let’s be honest, that was a bit naughty how you behaved up there, but I'll let it go this time. Now let me get my uniform on. I’ll start with the stockings, you gentlemen seem to like those don’t you? Now tell me, are they nice and straight?

No – stop that! I really must get dressed and start getting a meal prepared . Oh, you want to stay and watch, do you? Funny how all my gentlemen seem to like to watching me in the kitchen.

Now what are you doing there? You really are a naughty boy aren’t you. Look, if you really have to do that, at least let me help you. There, how was that? That's much better isn't it?.

I'll just get that stickiness cleaned up and then I can start getting some food organised. What? Yes, I suppose that was very naughty of me! Don't know what came over me. You're right. Maybe a good spanking is exactly what I need. Across your knee, Sir? Oh well, that’s always where I seem to land up across the gentlemen’s knees. There I was right wasn't? You want my knickers down don't you. Silly of me to put them back on.

Yes, Of course I'm sorry I was naughty, and of course I want to get back into your good books again What? Forget dinner and have an early night? Well I don't mind, but......Oh I see! That sort of early night! Well all right, but just this once mind! I don't want you to get any wrong ideas about what sort of girl I am!

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