Saturday, 19 March 2011

Everything you’ve wanted to know about Elizabeth but been afraid to ask.

I freely admit that to date I have been vary careful to avoid saying too much about myself and my life in this blog, being possibly too concerned that my cover might be blown. So in a new spirit of openness I thought I would just give you a bit of basic info about Elizabeth and her life. Not that there’s anything very special about me!

I went to a perfectly normal school,

And now I’m grown up, I live in quite an ordinary house

that I’ve managed to fit out with bits and pieces I’ve picked up in junkshops.

I share it with a couple of mangy cats

And a scruffy old mongrel dog.

I’ve got a simple little car, just like everyone else,

And I tend to just slob around all day doing very little in scruffy clothes. You know the sort of thing.

And when I do things like gardening, I’m a real mess!

You see I’m no different from any other girl out there, so in many ways it was hardly worth while telling you any of this.

Oh yes, I do have and a boyfriend or two, and they’re pretty nice on the whole but they do tend to be a bit obsessive about my telling the truth all the time. And if they do catch me telling lies, then you might as well know that I’m thoroughly spanked.

With my knickers down

On my bare bottom.

Yes, it does hurt rather a lot, so let’s hope they don’t get to read any of this. There is the possibility that I might just have exaggerated some of it. Just a touch!


  1. L

    well thank you - we really needed to know just about all of the lifestyle of our simmering inspiration and it is just as would be expected, almost the girl next door . . .

    now must go and look over the fence


  2. Ahh, that's who it was the other day when I was sunbathing naked!

    Now I can't quite remember, was I pleasuring myself, or was that the previous day.....?