Friday, 4 March 2011

Vampyros Lesbos

Can you imagine it, you in the cocoon of your bed at the midnight hour, half of your consciousness in the banality the real and all too tangible world you live in by day and the other half drifting off to the swirling mists of sleep and bliss and fantasy.

And there she is cloaked in moonlight, a vampire figure manifest in the hinterland of reality and imagination, hovering over you and tempting you to join her in the erotic underworld of your sub conscious. Maybe you could resist, but the will is not there, and when she peels the protection from your willowy nakedness and makes it available to her dark needs, all you can do is to arch your neck in submission.

When the teeth make their mark it is but a step; full consummation is a moment away and you half close your eyes in pre-ecstasy.

Let her take you. You are ready.

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