Saturday, 26 March 2011

The last episode from David

David has sent us the last episode in the unfolding story of him and Nicole; what I particularly like is that it has left us, and him, unsure where the line is drawn between reality and imagination. And all the better for that. It is our imagination that separates us from the beasts, and what better than to wake from an erotic dream and then make it reality with the exquisite creature next to you in your tumbled bed.

Were Rita and Nicole actually having sex ? Does it matter? What matters is that David and Nicole are having sex, and David has now learned the pleasures of exercising a little discipline, possibly what Nicole wanted all along..

So, for once without embellishment from me, here it is.

Sometimes Nicole pretends SHE's Rita. She giggles and tells me, "It's not because Rita and I have DONE anything," and explains, "It's only because I know how it turns you on... I'm I too wet Nicole? Come feel how wet you make me Nicole." She giggles again.

I ask Nicole if Rita really does get her wet. Nicole is embarrassed but nods and says she gets excited when Rita plays with herself. "Tell me the truth - do you ever touch her?"

She doesn't answer but giggles nervously and says she's been a bad girl and actually REQUESTS a spanking! I am stung... but of course I'm also very excited. I'm just learning how to spank her - I want to bury my long hard penis in the naughty blonde slut at the same time I'm whacking her and she's writhing across my lap. If only Rita were here! (Liz if only YOU were here!)

As we do it, I daydream that Rita gets my wife drunk and videotapes her. "Take off your clothes Nicole. O M G Nicole you are so pretty! Dance and let me see how your breasts bounce.

Now start playing with yourself - that's a good girl - play with your big boobs - sit down and spread your legs further - I want to get some footage of your long fingers massaging your wet blonde pussy!

VERY good - now walk over to me - slowly slowly - kiss my nipple, ahhh now bite it - now reach down and feel my clit - see how wet YOU make ME? - now get on your knees - that's a good little girl, you know what to do you gorgeous slut - that's it that's it - oh God yes!"

So David, we’ll all leave you to it. It all seems very good to me. And when she starts telling you of her erotic interludes with Rita, insist on taking her across your knee and giving her a quiet spanking as she does so. Not to stop her of course, but to guarantee that she will do so again.

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