Monday, 21 March 2011

David's story (So far!)

Following my request for guest stories and postings, I have received the following from David , an interesting missive and one that’s positively pregnant with inference. This time I can’t resist adding a few observations of my own as it unfolds.


Several month's ago my wife's manager Rita, a 38 year-old single female, called my attractive blonde 33 year-old wife Nicole into her office for a conference. "It's nothing work-related - I've just been wondering if you'd answer a few personal questions."

My wife has always had a cordial relationship with Rita, so she agreed, but she was caught totally by surprise when Rita asked her point blank, "Does your husband make you very wet?" How inappropriate! And after Nicole turned bright red and stuttered an indecipherable response, Rita proceeded to describe to Nicole how the "activity" that makes HER absolutely dripping wet is when she gets spanked for being bad! She then asked Nicole if SHE likes to be spanked, to which my wife actually nodded!

(Hullo, it’s me, Liz. Let me come in here; was it that Nicole was simply being polite and going along with what Rita was talking about, or is it that she has experience of being spanked in the past which she had enjoyed or even that during her marriage to David she has gone on enjoying being spanked by different people without him knowing? Let’s hope we get to find out! )

Nicole was very embarassed, but also very turned on, which is I think why she proceeded to tell Rita about our sex life, which up to that point did NOT include spankings!

(Up until that point? But does it now, David, that’s the question? You’re being very cagey if I may say so!)

As my wife described our various games, (I said that this is pregnant with hidden implications. What sort of naughty boy are you, David? ) Rita started playing with herself - she made NO attempt to hide it - in fact she made sure Nicole got a perfect view.

Nicole told her how we love oral sex, and even described exactly how she feels while her pussy is getting licked! Later, Rita asked Nicole to repeat that part!

(Oral sex! Hmm! On it’s own that opens quite a can of worms. Are we talking about like this......?

Or like this....?

Or even like this?

If we are really lucky, we’ll get to find out! )

I asked Nicole whether anything actually happened between them, She denied it. I asked whether there have been more "conferences." She said there have been, but that there has been no further talk of sex or spanking. While I am really happy that my wife told me about this encounter, I know she has not yet told me the whole story. They have gone out together after work - my wife says those were group outings.

(Oh no! Not group outings! It gets worse!)

I am SURE Rita wants my wife - I'm just not sure how much of Nicole she's already gotten! But each time Nicole and I make love, I get more evidence.

(So what’s going on here? Are Nicole and Rita having wonderful Sapphic sex together?

And if they are, as Rita loves being spanked, does Nicole take her across her knee?

More to the point, will David decide that the answer might be for him to gave Nicole a damn good spanking for more reasons I can say, but which I am sure you all understand? I hope you are going to send us another instalment, David, and satisfy our curiosity. )

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