Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More from David!

David has contacted us again with another instalment of what is going on in his life with his wife Nicole, and it seems to be just as confusing as before. Is Nicole really doing naughty things with her female boss, or is she just leading David on simply to get him aroused?

Maybe she wants to get David involved in a threesome, or, bearing in mind the hints she dropped last time, does she want to get David so annoyed that he will simply not be able to stop himself from giving her a good spanking for being such a minx? Only time will tell .)

Anyway, here it is:-

Of course I still don't have proof positive, but I do have my suspicions about my wife and her boss. For one thing, a couple of weeks ago, while having sex, Nicole sweetly moaned, "Am I too wet?" She had never asked that before, and I couldn't help wondering whether there's been another influence. So I pretended I was Rita and whispered into Nicole's ear, "Am I too wet Nicole?" The response was immediate and vehement - Nicole threw her blonde arms around my neck, started bucking violently, riding my hard shaft like she was riding a bull in a rodeo.

(Hang on here! How did you manage to convince her you were Rita , especially when you had a great big stiffy? Is there something you’re not telling us? )

Fast forward to the next morning when Nicole, about to leave for work in an unusually revealing top.

She told me of another somewhat inappropriate encounter with Rita, wherein Rita asked, "Has anyone ever told you what pretty legs you have?"

"What did you say?" I demanded.

"I didn't know what to say!" my wife answered. "She also said I was very lucky to have such big beautiful boobs, and that I should show them off more!"

(In a top like this David. Is this what she’d like to see?)

Rita wants to make my wife into her slut! (Does she, David or is that really your own secret fantasy?) I am afraid my wife will comply - she is very obedient - especially as it relates to her job. If Rita were ever to ask Nicole to, I am sure she would kiss her pussy.

I can just imagine Rita calling Nicole in, getting so excited, exhorting, "Kiss my pussy Nicole. (I bet you can you naughty boy! When you think about it, do you get your pleasure rod out and play with it? Mind you, if it gets as stiff and long as his one, how could you ever leave it alone?)

That's a good girl. Yes. Keep your tongue right THERE. Oh God yes. Am I too wet Nicole?"

Now David, if your wife is unusually obedient, perhaps she should start being obedient with you.

“Nicole! I don't like what I think might be happening between you and Rita so I’m going to punish you . Yes that’s right! Now go and wait for me in the bedroom. I want you to bend over the bed and slip your knickers down in readiness. For what? You’ll find out, won’t you!”

So much we don’t know! So much we can enjoy imagining!

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