Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lady in Waiting- Story from OHQ5

I'm pleased to be able to post another guest story, again from OHQ5, the site that used to be Doonstar and from whom I have apallingly "borrowed" images quite a few times.

PLEASE post a comment or two, and on the other stories that have been posted. It is very disheartening for people to make an effort and not have any feedback, a little like singing a great aria in a sound proof room.

Anyway here it is, Lady in Waiting.

J waits impatiently – beneath her outwardly composed appearance expectation tingles, nervous butterflies flit - she listens for Sir’s arrival.

She’s carefully laid out all their spanking (and sex, you never know your luck) toys on the dressing table and positioned herself carefully on the bed so as to be the first thing Sir sees when he enters the bedroom.

Definitely dressed to please J’s teasingly hoiked her dress up to reveal classy, nylon-clad pins, guaranteed to push all the right buttons. Downstairs she hears the front door close, the dog’s greeting and an unmistakably male tread upon the stairs.

Instinctively J raises her lovely legs and lightly runs her fingertips across her taut buttocks. They’re unlikely to remain pale for long, she reflects ruefully.

‘When will you be home?’ she'd enquired on the ‘phone earlier; Sir has been away on business and her heart has grown fonder.

‘In couple of hours.’

‘I’ll have a surprise for you,’ she said softly, voice redolent with promise.

‘I’ll look forward to it,’ he’d replied, recognising her tone, interest piqued, imagination shifting into gear.

Perhaps, wonders J, she’s been a bit hasty, laying out all their items of correction, does she really want the cane? On the other hand, the delicious combination of hairbrush and vibrator…

Her reverie is interrupted. ‘Now that’s what I call a welcome home!’ says the wanderer returned.

Cue to exit, we’ll see ourselves out.


  1. Wonderful anticipation...and, yes, I suspect she really does want the cane.



  2. Thank you Pink, and good to hear from you again.


  3. I fear I have been a bad reader lately. It was all I could do for a little while to maintain my own blog. My apologies. Spank me?

  4. Dear wonderful Miss Pink,

    First I understand your time problems. I can barely manage to keep my blog alive at the moment, so checking on other people's is a rare luxury.

    But if you are guilty as charged, then you have mitigated by showing your current interest. Some of my stricter male readers might still want to spank you. Personally I would like to kiss you all over.