Monday, 7 March 2011


Rules are of course meant to be broken. As a rule I suspect that those of you out there who take pleasure in taking your loved one across your knee from time to time ensure the message is got across by taking her knickers down. Not only does this ensure that the bottom in question receives the full benefit of the punishment you are kind enough to give, but it also it adds that edge of pleasurable humiliation to the process. And as for me, when I am whispering to a sweet young thing across my knee that I really have no choice but to administer a little discipline, yes I to get enormous pleasure from that moment when I start to peel down their final protection.

But look at the image here. The girl’s lower cheeks are so wonderfully presented between those tight purple panties and the tops of her stockings , that it would be a shame to do anything to spoil it. Spanking that beautifully framed little bottom would be a pleasure in its own right, and no need to adjust anything. And what fun when the palette changes adding a little crimson to the mix.

But of course when that moment is reached when contrition and forgiveness meld into an exchange of kisses and fluids, time enough then to peel everything away. But take your time over it. Pleasure should never be hurried.

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