Monday, 21 March 2011

Sex Kitten in need of a Spanking

Those of you who have followed my blog from it’s early days (Not yet a year old) will know that an early influence on my adolescent sexuality was the old films I watched on a regular basis with my parents and seeing, almost weekly it seemed sometimes, female actresses, teen or fully grown up, being taken over the knee of a boyfriend or other dominant male and spanked. As sex and nudity was out of the question when these films were being made, having a pretty squealing girl spanked on camera was a good way to get round the censors and still titillate the audience.

I don’t know what effect it was having on the grown up audiences in the forties and fifties, but I know what effect it had on me, moistening the gusset of my virgin panties and instilling the fetish that now gives me so much pleasure.

It is a crime against nature that the arguably sexiest actress ever, the deliciously feline Miss Bardot was never spanked on screen. She was threatened with a spanking in And God Created Woman, but it didn’t actually happen so it doesn’t count. If ever there was the perfect female to be punished in this way it was her, young, rebellious and dripping with sexual promise, I can see her struggling against it, spitting with resentment but all the while glowering with feral arousal. And afterwards she would sullenly pull up her panties with that smouldering mouth of hers sulky but purring an invitation to the man who had humiliated her in this way.

As I say, it never happened but we can but dream!


  1. Bardot was spanked on film. It was her very last, in which she made a sort of cameo appearance. It was an erotic spanking, not punishment

  2. PS I should have given you the film's name: according to Tony Crawley's Bebe: the Films of Brigitte Bardot, it's called L'Histoire tres bonne et tres joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise (1973), which he translates as The Gay and Joyous Story of Colinot, the Skirt Puller-Upper. The spanker was Francis Huster, who played Colinot. Crawley doesn't mention the spanking, but it's there, I assure you. The film is difficult to obtain and isn't listed as a DVD on
    PPS: Bardot was also threatened with a spanking in Une Parisienne (1957).