Thursday, 8 July 2010

Erotic dream

I came across this recently, a flyer for an occult book, and had to share it. The erotic possibilities of a beautiful girl with an erection are so wonderful it leaves me dizzy. Imagine all the sweetness of girl on girl love making combined with he hard edged stimulation of being fucked by a man, or again, reclining together kissing while you gently masturbate her.

Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.



    oh yes, exquisite - but never mind the 'girl on girl' imaginings what about that girl on 'gairl on boy' scenario and that would still leave scope for his activity should she be persuaded to 'assume the position'
    as you said it makes one dizzy
    James >< ><

  2. Elizabeth Forster8 July 2010 at 06:23

    Thank you, James, and for your previous comments. I'm pleased you like the blog and will try and keep it interesting

    Don't worry about the technicalities, I'm still having problems with them myself.