Monday, 26 July 2010


I really like this picture. The girl is neat and petite(exactly the sort of girl I like to spank myself) and fits perfectly across the man's knee. Additionally, with the photography being so sharp, her bottom looks particularly bare and vulnerable, and you can almost hear each stinging spank on that firm young flesh. Wonderful!


  1. I feel sorry for this lovely petite young lady -look at the size of this guy's hands, compared to her bottom!She is going to have a very warm bottom by the time her spanking ends. I am sure you would take pity on her and not be too severe or would you ,Elizabeth?! MK

  2. It's often deliciously rewarding to visit your site. I'm finding it refreshing to follow your sexy reflections. Thanks.

  3. So glad you enjoyed this Lorraine, and that you enjoy the site; and in answer to your comment Mr MK, my own preference is for a modest bottom warming followed by a thorough bed warming. We all have our different needs!