Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Personally I blame the statue!

Just looking at this delicious creature in her cheesecloth shirt, unconcerned by such conventional things as panties, is enough to give me an erection, and I haven’t even got a willy! She can come and kiss my sensitive parts whenever she wants to.


  1. 'the statue' that is amazing - Elizabeth do tell us is it you who adds the text
    referrng to the play on Browning have you yet come across the 'Young Romantics' i believe it should now be available in the UK - Bloomsbury i believe, in the USA it is Frrar Strauss - by one Daisy Hay - the manuscript upon which it is based is housed in the NY Public Library requirning researchers who handled it to don oven mitts - all about the Shelleys, Byron, Leigh Hunt, stepsisters, extended family and the usual suspects
    James >< ><

  2. Thank you. I get images from where I can, but all text is mine.

    Not sure about Young Romantics, but we had Desperate Romantics on TV a while back about the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. Very bawdy and great fun.