Monday, 26 July 2010


At times it’s important to go back to first principals. When I started this blog I said how important it was for all of us to have an erotic ivory tower we could escape to from time to time when we needed it. In the spirit of that I'm giving you some images which are both beautiful and arousing, and which I hope you will be happy to take away with you to the steamy swamps of your erotic imaginings.

Each of these images is as good an example of its type I could find, and if I have any criticism it's that they seem to occupy a world that’s almost too far removed from most people’s reality. Fortunately the good thing about living in one's imagination is that the gap between fantasy and reality can be crossed in a second. Certainly for me I find that as I imagine the pleasure of kissing the delectable bottom of the woman at her dressing table I can almost smell her perfume as I do it, and as for the beautiful reclining nude in her sleek stockings, even as I write this I can taste her lips on my own.

I can only hope the fantasies they generate for you are as rewarding as mine.


  1. Some classy pictures there, Elizabeth. Where are they from?

  2. Glad you like them. I certainly did.

    The internet is awash with erotic images but so many are crude or are of no real interest. I try and make a point of only posting ones that have a quality to them.

    Thanks again


  3. Hi

    I love the pictures, you must have spent a long time looking for suitable subjects. congratulations you have succeeded.

    I dont really want to post this as annonymus but I dont have any options as I can't post it as anything else


  4. SIR Stephen! Wow! I'll visualise you in a velvet smoking jacket, waited on by a maid in a short black dress who you spank across your knee at least three times a week.

    Don't comment on this and spoil my illusions.