Monday, 19 July 2010

He makes me call him 'Sir' when he spanks me....

......but that only makes it more exciting. Last night I'd dressed up as schoolgirl to get him in the mood, high heels, tiny skirt and stockings, but as I was feeling really naughty I hadn't put any panties on. When he threw me across his knee and pulled my skirt up, there was just my little bare bottom and I could feel him draw his breath in at the sight. "You really are being a bad girl this time aren't you!" He said, but he took an age to enjoy the look and feel of me, his fingers going down between my legs and making me jerk, and then he spanked me and spanked me till I was calling out how sorry I was and that I'd never do it again. He decided to forgive me, so he let me up and started to kiss me, gradually removing all my clothes till I was completely naked and then....and then...Oh God ! ! !

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