Monday, 5 July 2010


Answering the unspoken question, who is Sexuelle aimed at, it is anyone who enjoys musing on the pleasures of sex in all its different forms and variations. If your sex life is in full flower, let it be a modest stimulus, and if your sex life is currently lying fallow, then as I said my first ever posting, it can help furnish the mental Ivory Tower we all need to escape to from time to time. If it puts a gleam in the eye and a tingle in the loins, then it has served its purpose. It’s intended to be a guilty pleasure, and we all know that the more guilty it is then the greater the pleasure.

For those, like me, who find their insides melting at the thought of giving or receiving a spanking, I hope the material I post will help stoke that particular fire.

What I’m leading to is that my blog is overwhelmingly not gender specific, but having said that I can’t help being female, and when I write it is with female approach to life, sex and erotica. I like to think about the blog in this way. When I’m getting ready to go out in the evening and I’m not yet fully dressed and standing in front of the mirror in say, nothing but stockings and heels, I often feel that it’s a shame that I’m the only person getting to see this. (If I’m in danger of losing a few readers because I’m so narcissistic, let me apologise. We all have our weaknesses.) At these times I like the idea that there might be a man behind the door, secretly watching and taking pleasure in the sight of my undress, and maybe even giving himself a hand as he watches. So let’s say that although it might seem that some of the things I say are more aimed at women, men are encouraged to peep through the curtains as often as they like, and if they catch sight of something they shouldn’t, I hope they enjoy it.


  1. I too am narcissistic in exactly the same way! Cheers, Laurie

  2. I am very much lovin' the chance to "peep through the curtains" to read this deliciously intriguing blog on erotica and spanking and such.

    And, it's one of the best written blogs that I have seen.


  3. You're clearly as vain as I am, Laurie. You need a good smacked bottom. Let's hope that Dave isn't peeping through the curtains when it happens.