Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Oh who was the lucky man who just spanked this delicious creature. She's lying there, her bottom pinked, her eyes limpid, and her whole demeanour expectant. Freshly spanked and contrite, she is glowing with the knowledge that justice has been done and that now is the moment when mutual comfort is called for. Each remaining item of clothing will be carefully and lovingly removed, her sensitive parts kissed and sweet words whispered. Moist and ready she will show her appreciation for the lessons he has just taught her, and after he gushes his pleasure at how well she took it, all will be peace again.


  1. Beautiful photo and equally beautiful imaginings...

  2. What a delicious image and a charming commentary.

  3. Hmmm mm....Your delicious writing absolutely sizzles off the page...and a wonderful image :-)