Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Comic strips

I have posted a lot of particularly beautiful images recently, but there are times when despite the availability of marinaded olives or perfect smoked salmon, our palates simply need the raw satisfaction of a bag of chips or a hearty goulash. Both the jackets and contents of cheap comic strip books often appeal to our base needs in the same way, and although this overwhelmingly applies to Maghella, just this once, this is not about her. (Don’t worry, I haven't quite finished yet with that bare breasted, knicker flashing little strumpet! Anyone who loses clothes as often as she does deserves all those spankings she gets.)

Back to comic strip books, there's something about the very directness of their illustrations that are irresistible and so deeply in tune with our sexual triggers. It is as if they were not only drawn for the sole purpose of inflaming the libidos of dirty minded fourteen year olds, but drawn by them as well in sock strewn bedrooms littered with tissues soaked with their excitement as they feverishly drew their masturbatory fantasies on the page.

I'm giving you a few of them here, and if looking at them you find yourself going back to being a dirty minded fourteen year old again, I promise you they have exactly the same effect on me.

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