Monday, 12 July 2010

Good Morning from Elizabeth

It’s Monday and I’m back at Sexuelle with lots of things to add to the blog. I don't post material at the weekends as I try to use that time to work on my books as well as re-charging my batteries and clearing my mind, but at the same time I do ponder over the shape of the blog the following week. This weekend my mind seems to have been in overdrive, so in my head or on my computer I have enough material for a good three weeks, so keep checking it out. I've got a lot of pictures of little minxes in need of a little discipline, and I've added my own captions to a lot of them give them a little edge; there's a lot of Vargas illustrations which have been given the same treatment, and so you won't get bored with them I'll be spreading these out over a period. The other thing, while lazing in the hammock in my garden (the weather is amazing at the moment) it occurred to me that I've not done much on girl on girl spanking so will be doing an article on that. Thinking about what I would write made me think of my first relationship with a girl and the events that lead to my giving her a spanking and it was such a sweet memory that, yes I did slip the panties off and quietly pleasure myself.

The above is not just a gratuitous confession, though if you want to think about it for a second, I don’t mind. (I was just wearing a cheesecloth shirt if you want to get the picture clear.) It's important that you understand that I work on the basis that if something doesn't excite me, then it won't excite you either, so, yes, the things I write about or post images of turn me on as well, and if they don't result in a lot of you finding yourself pleasurably moist then I've failed.

One final thing to mention. As a result of a kind comment by James last week, my attention was drawn to a site, Au fils des jours.... ( of which I was barely aware. They had been kind enough to post an article about Educating Anna which was good of them, but there was more than that. The site has a wonderful sensuality about it which comes through despite the language difficulty (My command of French is no more than adequate.) They seem to understand the exact temperature at which eroticism simmers, so I would strongly recommend checking it out. Chross Blogt is of course the central and most comprehensive source for spanking erotica, but each erotic site has a different quality to it, and I particularly like this one.



  1. Impressive writing and interesting subjects you pick.
    We would like to collaborate with you in writing some posts of our online magazine.
    How do we contact you?

  2. Elizabeth

    glad you looked at 'au fil de jours' i just felt you would chime - this so helps me with my french, that is my excuse, but funnily enough there is little in the content that i can use without getting funny looks - ah, the french

    so yes i had passed by chross blogt - not much style but, but, but in now revisiting i realise a wealth of links - thanks

    incidently without being indiscreet the ambience of the 'good morning from elizabeth' picture is so familiar to me - and then i rralised an 'event' location for the select actually - ah, happy hours

    James >< ><

  3. oops i've just realised the main reason for my last jottings was to commend Red Charls

    have you come across it - so delightful

    however i have had enormous difficulty in opening up the pictures and what pictures - i've contacted them and was told be patient it takes time to download' but, but, but - i'd be interrsted in feedback

    James >< ><

  4. elizabeth forster12 July 2010 at 07:30

    Thank you and I'm flattered by your interest.
    I'm quite happy to make contact and discuss your suggestion, but for obvious reasons do not want to make public my regular e mail address. I have set up a temporary e mail address which I will close as soon as we have made contact and established a means of communiction.

    The addres is

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    And to James, thank you for your continuing interest, and I will check out the site you mentioned.