Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Absolutely Nun

As your appetite for naughty nuns has yet to wane I thought I d give you an assortment, and hopefully whatever your taste it there's a chance it will be satisfied. I've quite a few more saved up which I will give you another time

The first is young pretty and innocent looking but her abbreviated habit and high heels tell us otherwise. How naughty she chooses to be probably depends what temptations are laid before her. Personally if I were in a confession now I would have to be admitting an urge to kiss her young lips and of course on the inside of her smooth thighs before trying to persude her that the skimpy panties she is probably wearing are sinful and helping her to remove them .

The next one is much naughtier, clearly in holy communion with herself and her fingers are already at the entrance to heaven. I will guess that shortly all her prayers for deliverance will be answered and she'll be screaming Hallelujah

And what can I say about the last ones? If your thing is for naked girls to be tied up and then whipped by female demons, then this is for you. If not, I suggest you turn away now!

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