Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Comic strips revisisted.

Having just posted an article on the erotic appeal of comic strip strumpets , what do I find but another one, Isabella, desperate to out-slut Maghella with her unclad misadventures.

The Isabella strip (again Italian) was published between the mid nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies, clearly a golden age for those with tastes for this sort of thing. Like Maghella she has full lush breasts, is constantly finding herself in situations where most of her clothes get ripped off, and in the sort of trouble that gets her tied up or whipped. (If she makes a habit of riding goats to orgies while totally naked, what can she expect?) So far I haven't come across her being spanked, but I suspect that's what her boyfriend does to her when she gets home and she tells him what she's been up to.

I've got some more images from other erotic Italian comics which I'll post another time.

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