Monday, 26 July 2010

Why am I always being spanked?

Why am I always being spanked? It's three time already this week and it's only Wednesday. That magazine I was reading wasn't that explicit, and anyway, it wasn't even mine, it was Jennifer's!

Anyway, I'm being as good as gold now, so maybe he won't be too strict. He said to wait for him across my bed with my knickers down, and that's what I'm doing. Why he even mentioned it I don't know as I spend more time with my knickers down these days than with them up. I'm thinking of leaving them off altogether as it might save a bit of time.

Oh my God, here he comes, and he's got that really determined look on his face which means its going to be another thorough one. Oh no! He's got the strap in his hand! It’s just not fair!

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