Thursday, 22 July 2010

Help! It's going to spank me!

How a girl ends up naked across a gorilla's knee I can't imagine, but clearly the writers of this comic strip had a more fertile imagination than mine. Very likely she took a mouthful of his banana, though most of the men I know want me to do that after they've spanked me.

I know so little about this girl but Maghella was an Italian comic strip character in about 1974. She apparently had magic powers, but that didn't stop her being chased up trees with most of her clothes torn off by savage men keen to grab her bare bottom under the shreds of her skirt.

I have no problem seeing the appeal of these cheap comic stories from forty odd years ago. We all love a damsel in distress, particularly one who gets to lose her clothes so often, and there's a wonderful raw eroticism to these images that mainlines into the imagination far better than the airbrushed perfection of today's images. And did she get the spanking she almost certainly deserved? Regrettably I'll never know.


  1. Liz
    that is so intesting, and a revelation too, about Maghella - actually some of the italian stuff can be so good, Milo something or other comes to mind - so i must research more on Maghella - thanks
    it brings to mind a strip cartoon under the name of Jane appearing in one of the nationals during the last war (WWII)so a little before your time, she wore a uniform but somehow at the end of esch strip she herself became, as it were, partially stripped, i recall she was naughty too

  2. J
    oh my gosh - you wondered whether Maghella ever got spanked ending 'regrettably i'll never' - now i'm not exactly a fairygodfather but how, i do not know how, i have came across something and yes she was frequently and thoroughly to her clear satisfaction - i have before me an illustration of Maghella in mid spank being adminsterd by a wonderous black nubian it seems wearing a venetian type neck ruffle and reclining, as he works away,on a savonarola chair

  3. Have seen your comment this very second. Can you post details of the site or a link. Thanks