Friday, 16 July 2010

Pulp fiction.

From the look of these book covers I would guess that they are from the late fifties or early sixties, clearly aimed at the pulp fiction market, the cheap thriller with a lot of sex in the plot. There's something raw about them, and I think its because of the unselfconscious approach to girls being taught a lesson like this that was only possible at that time in. In two cases, not only are they being thoroughly spanked across the knee of a dominant male who of course knows exactly what's good for them, but with their knickers down or removed altogether, the proper spanking on the bare bottom that men and boys fantasised about in those days. The point I'm trying to make is that the publisher and the reader are locked in a joint conspiracy that these images are nothing to do with getting the reader good and horny, simply that it's integral to the plot and the story that there's a girl in desperate need of a good spanking, and that the men are giving them one because it's their duty as responsible adults; punishing a beautiful knickerless girl across their knee has absolutely nothing to do with sex. It's precisely because we are too sophisticated these days and understand these things all to well that spanking images like this don't feature on mainstream book covers any more. It would be all to blindingly obvious that both we and the the publishers are just a bunch of perverts

On the third cover, the scenario had gone even further. (It's French of course, so what can I say?) For whatever reason the girl is naked, but the man is so concerned to do his duty by her he is punishing her despite her nudity meaning that not only is his sense of duty off the scale, but the reader will get even wetter pants looking at the picture and reading about it. And there's an additional element to all these images, carefully designed to have cocks stiffening with zealous self righteousness, and that clearly these girls are being spanked for some sexual misdemeanour. One is tramp, another is in danger of becoming a dirty lesbian, and whatever it is the third one did, she was doing it naked, so say no more! For a young reader looking for a cheap thrill, it doesn't get any better than this

Am I being high minded because I'm above all this? Of course not. These images, primal in their crude portrayal of helpless girls getting their come uppance excite me just as much as the adolescent audience they were aimed at some fifty odd years ago.

A final comment though, the caption on one give a clear message that, provided the girl is spanked hard enough and long enough, all her sapphic tendencies will disappear. Let me just say that has never been the case with me!


  1. "and whatever it is the third one did, she was doing it naked,"

    The French quote tells us what she did. "This little thief deserved a spanking... She was going to get it!".

  2. A darling pink bottom on the "tramp," slightly tensed perhaps. And the thoughtful, inward look on her face, as if tasting the sensation, remembering, wondering how far he'll go. Thanks for posting these images.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed these, and a particular thanks for the translation. I'd more or less worked it out, but it was 'thief' that defeated me.

    How she ended up naked for her spanking remains a mystery, but we can spend many a happy moment thinking about it.