Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Girl on girl, the agony and the ecstasy.

What arouses us, that magical and elusive thing that suddenly and surprisingly makes us want to have sex, sometimes quietly and sometimes making us rage with the need, is peculiarly personal to each of us. Yes there are lots of common and well known tendencies, but each one of us unique and different, and the colour and hue of what does it for us is special and personal. (I promise you there is a point to all this and I will get to it, but you’ll have to be patient.)

That I enjoy being spanked is hardly a secret, and what lead to that I explained in my first posting, ’Introducing Elizabeth’. I have no time for bullies, domestic tyrants, or control freaks, but what I like is men who are confident and happy in their own skin and who take pleasure in taking me across their knee from time to time and reminding me who’s in charge. By the time I was in my early twenties, I like to think I was not too far from that myself. I’d grown up, stopped being a bratty show off and was reasonably confident in my sexuality. It was then I met a girl, quite a bit younger than me, petite, pretty and quietly shy. She was by no means a virgin, but still confused by sex and its different manifestations, and no more than content with relationship with her then boyfriend. Seeing me as someone with more experience she wanted to learn things from me and of course I was flattered. There was something about her young innocence that I found very attractive and I discovered to my surprise that I liked the idea of having sex with her. So far I had been happily heterosexual and apart from a few tentative fumblings at school, this whole subject was a closed book to me.

Under the guise of considering her less than satisfactory relationship with her boyfriend as an excuse we started playing out role model games, for example testing to see which sort of kissing we found the most exciting. I can’t tell you how massively arousing this was, as while we fluttered tongues and nibbled ears and necks, we were carefully covering up what was clearly a growing attraction. Gradually we were doing this more and more, and we’d moved on to fondling each others breasts and bottoms, but all below the waist contact was token and cursory. Nothing that serious had happened and still nothing had been acknowledged, but I only had to hear her voice on the phone and I was moist with it.

One afternoon at my house we’d inevitably started kissing, and taking my courage in my hands I said we would be more comfortable on my bed and that was where we went. The subterfuge was wearing thin but we kept ourselves in some sort of check even though to make ourselves really comfortable we’d removed a few things and were down to panties and shirts, kissing with some passion and being more adventurous with our hands. At some point she broke off, giggling slightly, and said she wondered what Chris (her boyfriend) would do if he knew what she was doing. Knowing we were moving into new territory I said that almost certainly he’d spank her. I could instantly tell from her reaction that she found this idea as exciting as I did. She feigned horror and disbelief but with her eyes huge and excited, and kept asking exactly what he would do. With my heart beating in my chest I sat on the end of the bed and took her across my knee, the first time I had ever done such a thing, and said I would show her exactly what would happen. Like the first time I was on the receiving end of a spanking I found my self so excited I could scarcely breathe and even now when I remember it, it gives me an erotic jag.
I knew I mustn’t hurry things and took an age talking about how men really liked to spank girls, and all the while stroking her bottom and thighs. With her panties still in place I moved on to giving her little stinging slaps to arouse her flesh, her little mews and yelps telling me how much it was arousing her. After a little while I said that of course he’d pull her panties down as all men do that when they spank their girlfriends. Again she feigned horror, but made no move to stop me when I took them down and continued with my caressing, but now on her naked bottom. Dizzy with the excitement of it and with my own panties positively wet I asked her if she was ready to be spanked and she gasped that she was, and giving her bottom one last caress I gave her what she wanted, a short but thorough spanking on her bare bottom. Knowing my own needs when I was being punished I made it just a touch harder than she was probably expecting, so mixed with the arousal and excitement there was just enough pain and danger to give it an edge.

What is interesting looking back is that I effortlessly found myself slipping into the role that men had adopted with me when I was being spanked. I found myself asking if she was sorry that she’d been such a bad little girl, and she played along and agreed, and when we brought it to a close and went back on the bed, all need for game playing was over. We mutually undressed and gave ourselves up completely to having sex which resulted in our both having wonderful soft orgasms.

That the beginning of a sweet and wonderful relationship, our roles clearly understood, and she was as keen as I was to create excuses for me to take her across my knee with her panties down. Since then, although still primarily heterosexual, I have had other relationships with girls which have followed a similar pattern. I’m attracted to the petite and sweet, girls younger than me who enjoy being given a smacked bottom when it’s appropriate, and of course being comforted afterwards in a big soft bed.

I said at the beginning there was a point to all this and there it is. Sexually curious as I am, it may surprise you but I’ve never been spanked by a woman and have no wish to be. When a gorgeous man says to me, "Come here, Elizabeth. You need to be taught a lesson!“ I melt, and I have a similar reaction when I’m saying something similar to a pretty young girl, but if a dominant woman said it to me, I’d run for my life. As I said at the beginning, what turns each of us on is very personal and that’s not for me.


  1. a story every man could love...whether true or not!

  2. Beautiful,and oh so erotic.

  3. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. (I certainly did!)