Thursday, 29 July 2010


I said quite seriously in an earlier article, (Girl on girl, The Agony and the Ecstasy) that during the course of my erotic relationships with girls I’ve often taken pleasure in spanking them, and that clearly I’m attracted to girls who are aroused by it, just as I am turned on by being spanked by a man. I went on to tell you that on the other hand I had never once been spanked by a woman and had no wish to be. I promise you I wasn’t pretending.

Strange then that I have to admit to finding little ripples of excitement by looking at this very elegant female wielding a cane. She has a very quiet and understated beauty, and an equally understated authority that I find quite arousing . I certainly don’t want to be caned (that really is too painful), but if I found myself in an amorous encounter with her and she admitted to an urge to have me bare bottomed across her knee for a spanking, I strongly suspect my struggles to escape would not be very convincing.

What else am I going to find out about myself?

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