Wednesday, 28 July 2010


My goodness, the things these two little minxes got up to! I wasn't even born when they were desperately trying to outdo each other with their sexual misbehavior.

In the red corner we have Maghella, stark naked and happily impaled on the love muscle of a young man who's busy finding out if her delicious breasts feel as good as they look. But more than that, way more than that, she is so concerned with exchanging fluids with him she is completely indifferent to having a corpse hanging from a gibbet just behind her. Now I've done a few kinky things in my young life, but positively nothing to match that!

And then in the blue corner is Isabella, determined not to be out done. Naked save for one stocking to enhance her nudity she's happily masturbating in full view of anyone who happened to be standing in front of the newsstand on the day in question. But again, she's so concerned with reaching her erotic nirvana she's oblivious of the caped female about to stab her between those lush breasts of hers. I can only hope her orgasm was worth being murdered for.

So which is best? In sheer outrageousness there's not much between them, so on the basis that these comics are aimed at dirty minded adolescents, let's have a dirty minded fantasy about them. How about the two of them having a cat fight which will inevitably result in them both ending up naked, and then the winner soundly spanks the loser?

If anyone has got any better ideas, please let me know.

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