Friday, 23 July 2010

Maghella revisited

Thanks to a comment from James I have done some more research on Maghella, and what do I find (surprise surprise) is that she spends most of her in time in one sort of trouble or another, that her clothes are constantly being ripped off, and that yes, some of her activities and up with her being spanked or caned. What more could you ask from any comic strip heroine?

If that's not enough she seems again to have get her self chased up a tree, another heaven sent opportunity to have her a hairs breadth from danger and of course to give us a good look up her skirt. At least this time she managed to keep her top on which has to some sort of record!

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  1. Liz
    ah well done, i see you have tracked down more before i could comment and to the point her real naughtyness dealt with - incidentally the story involving the ruffled black chap is Il Negro Zumbon - ie 'the black guy' although between italian and spanish some question over 'el'and 'il' - however years later there was a song popularised by one Silvana Mangnano famous for appearing in a sultry manner up to her quivering thighs in a paddy field in the film 'bitter rice' ie.,'risa amaro'- but more her father was italian and her mother english named er, Ivy Webb from Croydon - yes i know sometimes too much information is too much - but ah, i remember Silvana . . . very italain, very sultry and rather naughty i hopefully imagined