Monday, 5 July 2010

In need of a good spanking

If you take a nineteen fifties schoolmasterly approach to girls who flaunt their bodies and sexuality (an approach certain men in my life take to me from time to time I’m pleased to say,) you would certainly say that Vargas women are all in need of a good spanking.

Well before my time, Alberto Vargas provided illustrations for Esquire Magazine and Playboy, the images always being of women so sexually perfect they made real women pale into insignificance. They still look good today, not at all dated, and still the ultimate embodiment of bedroom desirability. Their sole purpose in life was to give and receive erotic pleasure and they did so like no women before or since. They all had tiny waists, legs to die for, pert bottoms, and breasts so full and lush they could set a eunuch masturbating. Dripping sex from every pore and crevice they were frequently pictured in skimpy lingerie and the like, though more than not, completely naked. Clearly Vargas had a fetish for night dresses that were so transparent the girls might just as well not have bothered to put them on, and I suspect their principal purpose was to ensure that we instantly associated the girl in question with bedtime.

He was ahead of his time in that he made it clear from his captions that these women didn’t just happen to be caught naked when their image was captured, they were naked because they had either just had sex, were about to have sex, or were encouraging some unseen man to have sex. In the first image I’m giving you the girl is not only blessed with a pair of breasts so kissably perfect no real woman could be trusted out with them in public, but is clearly just recovering from an orgasm, and from the look of her she is likely to be having men queuing up to give her lots more. That she refers to the man responsible as Mr B……., (I can’t quite read his writing) suggesting that she has yet to get on first name terms, only adds to the eroticism.

Regrettably for someone with my tendencies, as far as I can see from the images I’ve trawled trough, Vargas had no interest in the idea that these girls needed to be disciplined for their sexual excesses. Had he thought that way, he would probably have produced some of the best spanking erotica of all time.

I’ve given you a few of his illustrations to look at, and with a couple of them I have added a caption of my own, very much in the spirit of his, but with a slant I’m sure most of you will appreciate.


  1. Love your spanko-sexualizing the classic Vargas pin-up artwork. goodness, wouldn't it have been somethin' though, if he had been a spanko....*sighs and dreams*

  2. Glad you approve. I'll do some more in due course.