Tuesday, 20 July 2010

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

The immortal words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but for those of us whose relationship with our lovers is darker and more erotically charged, maybe the words should be "How do I spank thee, let me count the ways......"

I hadn't planned it that way, but when I posted illustrations from three book jackets last week, l had not deliberately planned to give the three main variations of exposure for punishment, knickers down, knickers off, and naked. Yes of course, the possible permutations go way further than this, but it’s worth while concentrating on these three for the moment.
First, let’s look at the quintessential naughty girl spanking, across the knee, skirt up and knickers down. Nothing could make it more clear to the poor girl that she's about to pay the price for her misbehavior than finding herself in this position. Across the knee is demeaning enough on its own, skirt up is shaming beyond bearing, but with her panties half way down her thighs she knows there's no hope. Not only is her bottom bare and unprotected against the horny hand about to spank some obedience back in to her, but all her adult credibility has been shrugged out of the way along with her panties. No matter how grown up and sophisticated she is otherwise, in this position she is no more than just a naughty girl in need of a lesson. Nothing could be more undignified than to be held captive to his will in this way, and if he can get away with removing all vestiges of her dignity by taking down her knickers and spanking her, in real terms there's nothing he can't do. And of course, for him there's an added advantage of having her clothing positioned in this way. Between her upturned skirt and lowered panties her pert little bottom is perfectly framed and centre stage for all his punitive attentions.

Moving on to panties off, then the psychology is similar but subtly different. “You won't be needing these for a while young lady!" Is a coded message, and it's that her punishment is going to last far longer than she anticipated, even in her worst nightmares. She's going to be spanked across his knee for so long that she might as well forget all about panties for a good long while. The other part of the message is that when he does finally let her up, then he has other plans for her, and again for those she won’t be needing panties either. At least now matter how much it hurts there’s something to look forward to at the end! The final factor in this equation is a subtle sadism, and that is that when he has finished both punishing and pleasuring her, he is in possession of her panties and very politely and diffidently she will be forced to ask for them back.

And then naked! Whether a girl takes off her clothes voluntarily to flaunt her sexuality, or has then taken off so she can be punished, the fact that she is undressed and available can't help but excite the man (or woman) whose eyes is pleasured by the sight of her curves and swells and crevices. For him to take her naked across his knee is compounding the situation. All the arousal that arises from giving a pretty girl a spanking that we've obsessed over time and again in this blog, added to the excitement of having her naked body at his mercy is joined together in a virulent cocktail. Arguably it is less undignified to be spanked naked than with your knickers down, but that is countered by the both the sexual implications of what’s happening and your total availability to anything he wants to do taking a more predominant role.

So which is best? It’s the one that left the two of you gasping with satisfaction after you untangled yourselves from the couch or the sheets or even the haystack; it’s the one that when you played it back in your mind, hours, days or even years later had your loins weeping and your libido back on fire with the thought. Having both spanked and been spanked all three ways (plus a good number of other variations I haven't even touched on) I can only say that they are all exciting in their own different ways, and all have a lot going for them. Let’s leave it that I like to think of spanking (and sex) like pasta; lots of different ingredients and sauces, lots of different ways of serving it, us but all delicious!

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