Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What a scrubber!

When I came across this image looking for something else entirely (don't ask me what; it won't reflect well on me) my immediate thought was that it was such a shame that I didn't have a cleaning lady who looked like this. Instantly I knew that if I did I would never get any writing done as I would spend all my time finding excuses to take her over my knee and spank that cute little bare bottom of hers, and of course then taking her to bed afterwards to comfort her for my being so mean.

This is so close to a situation in Educating Anna that I thought I'd give you a tiny extract.

Having been educated by her tutor into the joys of being spanked and other erotic pleasures, Anna has come into her inheritance and her life is suddenly her own to do with what she wishes. She muses about the idea of having a young maid to work for her, and of course serve her erotic needs as well, when fate introduces her to an exquisite young blonde, Mouse, who appears tailor made for the purpose. Mouse loves the idea of working for Anna, but is nervous in case she simply messes everything up:-

“……I’d work for you for nothing, you’re so kind and special. But I mean…” She loses her words. “I mean, just suppose during the first few days I make lots of mistakes and mess everything up. What then?”

I’m glad she asked. I know I can tell her anything now. “Oh that won’t be a problem”

“Oh that’s good then, Miss.”

“No problem at all.” I step close and run my hand down the curve of her back and on to her sweet bottom, relishing what I’m going to tell her. “I’ll simply put you across my knee and spank you.”

“SPANK ME!” Her eyes are suddenly huge moist circles, trying to accommodate what I have just said.

“Oh yes. You’d better get used to the idea as I can be every strict when I have to be.”

“I mean …..” She is not sure how to deal with this. “Do you really mean that. You’ll actually put me across your knee?”

“That’s right.” I smile at her sweetly. “And I‘ll take your knickers down.” Even as I say it I can feel my heart race at the thought. “Always assuming I allow you to wear any under your uniform.”

“I see!” There is a flush of excitement on her face, and her breathing is irregular. “This is not going to be an ordinary job is it.”

"No, but who wants to have an ordinary job when you can have one like this?. Do you still want to work for me?”

She takes a deep breath “I said I would and I still want to. Whatever it involves.”

So how does the job progress, does Mouse mess up and does she get spanked for it? You’ll simply have to have to read the book to find out!

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