Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dear Mummy....

Dear Mummy,

I'm enclosing a photo I took on Saturday evening just before I went to a party with Justin, my new boyfriend. Yes I know my dress is a bit short and tight, but I wanted to impress him and make a bit of an impact. In fact I made more of an impact than I'd intended 'cos when I got there I realized that I'd forgotten to put on any panties! Every one at the party discovered it at the same time as this big roar suddenly went up when I was bending over the punch bowl!

Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking, "If you were still living at home, young lady, your father would give you thorough spanking and send you to bed!" Well relax, because when we got home, that's exactly what Justin did, gave me a thorough spanking, and well, not exactly sent me to bed, but took me to bed which is more or less the same thing.

You needn’t worry about me behaving myself now I’ve left home because Justin spanks me even more than Dad did, always on my bare bottom, and sometimes tied and gagged as well so he can make a thorough job of it. He’s even set up a camera to film it so there’s a record of me learning my lesson, so you can see you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Hope all is well with you and Dad, and that everything's going well at the Women's Institute.

All my love,



  1. I like to sometimes spank my wife in role play games but she is anything but keen! She knows that she will only get a mild smack bottom but she exacts a price, like a trip to the theatre or a nice dinner ,to play! The reason is that her parents were quite strict with her and her Dad had no qualms about spanking her ,even when she was 18/21 and at University! She says he spanked hard over her pyjamas , usually had her in tears and left her feeling sore for a couple of days!she said she always felt guilty and couldn't wait to 'make it up' with them.
    You have a super blog -very interesting and evocative!

  2. A further thought, if your wife's price for a spanking is a trip to the theatre, try taking her to see Kiss Me Kate.


  3. My goodness, how I *love* the way your mind works.

    I've seen these self-shot pix before, and have had similar errm...thoughts, but never put pen to paper like you did here, so amazingly. Hmmm mm well... A brat like this certainly needs a date with the hairbrush, that's for sure, and to be sleeping on her tummy for a while :)

  4. p.s. actually hmm in my fantasy, here she is borrowing her Dad's camera...and forgets to delete the pix...and cherry redness ensues....