Thursday, 1 July 2010

Born to be spanked

If you look at my very first posting, Introducing Elizabeth, (You'll have to scroll right back the beginning of the blog) you'll see that when I was eighteen an older boyfriend had given me my first ever spanking and fanned into a life what till then had only been a latent fetish. Not only did it turn me on and give a completely new edge to our sex life , it probably did me a lot of good as well. I was in danger of turning into something of a young madam, and that discipline helped restore me to what I hope is a fairly reasonable human being. It didn't happen overnight though, and after having established his authority, he never lost his his enthusiasm for spanking me, sometimes finding the thinnest excuse. Once, (and I think on this occasion he had my hands tied as well) I remember protesting that his constantly punishing me wasn't fair, and his answer was that some girls were born to be spanked and I was one of them.

The girl in this picture so reminds me of the eighteen year old Elizabeth. Pretty, sexy, and all too aware the effect of her young sexuality on the male population and very happy to exploit it. I suspect that like me she was born to be spanked and that after a few sessions across the knee of the right man she'll turn out fine.

Whoever the lucky man is who gets to pull down her panties and tell her it's only for her own good, while she struggles and protests, I have to say I envy him, but I'm sure he will be appropriately rewarded for doing his duty!

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