Thursday, 1 July 2010

Convent punishment

For some this is the perfect marriage, a nun with a cane and schoolgirl with bare bottom. Not entirely my thing, but nevertheless, the beatific expression of the nun's face, her serene and happy anticipation of inflicting some beautiful pain on that exposed flesh does have a certain quality to it. And somehow, although we can't see the expression on the girls face, her pose is relaxed as if she is fully prepared to receive the punishment she deserves and at some level looking forward to it knowing that pain so often turns to pleasure.

When it's all over and the nun comforts her, kissing her her burning bottom and soothing her flesh she will already be planning further mischief, and her next confession will have to include the self pleasuring brought on by today's punishment.

I will be taking a long weekend, so this is my last post for a few days.


  1. I've been told as a 'cardinal rule', nuns, and I mean all nuns, can be very naughty. As such they must all confess their sins each week to a local parish priest, and then be subjected to corporal punishment. I would guess, 'six of the best, six of the very best' with a cane is given to them on their naked bare bottoms. Oh how I wish this was true.

  2. Enjoy the July 4 holiday weekend! The weather here in Michigan promises to be gorgeous. We're going to my parents' house in the country. My 2 girls will hit the pool and pretty much stay there during their waking hours. We're bringing along the canvas bag with "the implements" for my butts. My sister, also a spanko, will be there too, with her husband. They too have a canvas bag with implements. Mom has tied birches, soaked them in water and put one in each of the guestrooms, it's the best spanking implement of them all in my view!

    (My girls do not get spanked and won't.)

    My parents do it too, so we don't need to hide any of the spankings and the sex that follows. There will be good food and wine. Lots of talk and laughter, music. Should be a great weekend. Cheers, Laurie

  3. Yes, a spanked schoolgirl is always gratifying in some manner. I'm not much for the convent angle, being atheist, but I just love those schoolgirl skirts.

  4. Thanks for all your comments. I'll bear them in mind with future postings.

    I hope the couple I'm about to up load are to your taste.