Monday, 29 November 2010

Wedding Dress

As the newspapers seem to be obsessed with weddings at the moment (Is someone special getting married? I must have missed it.) I couldn’t resist posting this picture. I love the contrast between the ethereal purity of the dress and the girl’s nakedness underneath and I can imagine the surprise waiting for the lucky groom on his honeymoon:-

“Darling, you’re naked!”

“I know! Did you know you were marrying such a naughty girl?”

“But that means in the church, and with my parents…….”

“Exactly!” (Looking at him with limpid eyes) “Maybe you should punish me for being so wicked.”

“Maybe I should.” (Sudden gleam appearing in his eye) “I know it’s our honeymoon but….”

“But what?” (Runs fingers down his shirt) “What do you think?”

(Heart racing and blood rushing to unexpected places.) “I’ve never spanked you before, but maybe I should start as I mean to go along.” (Takes hold of her by the wrist.) “Now come here you dreadful little girl.”

(Sort of struggling) “You don’t mean……”

“I certainly do, and from now on you must call me ‘Sir’.” (Pulls her across his knee and explores her bare bottom with his hand ) “I’ve a feeling I’m going to enjoy this!

(Giggling and excited knowing her plan has worked.) ”Whatever you say, Sir!”

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  1. You do such an elegant job integrating the stories with the pictures. thank you and keep them coming.