Friday, 5 November 2010

Blindfolds Revisited

I had to re-visit the subject of blindfolds having quite by chance come across these two very different images. In one the girl, compliant patient and sightless, waits on a bed, pretty in her short dress and looking like the bait in a trap for some predatory creature who will no doubt will take pleasurable advantage of her blind helplessness. As love, famously, is blind, let's hope that in her dark space where all she will able to do is feel what he will do to her she enjoys her fate.

The other is quite different, this time it is the man who is blind and he is about to discover, not a forfeit but a prize. Before he slips off the obliterating scarf his hands will discover what a delectable morsel of naked flesh is his reward for playing this game, ripe kissable flesh that will be a feast to the eyes when at last he is about to look.

Two people, very different in every way, yet linked by a temporary and artificial inability to see; the two different sides of the same pleasurable coin.

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