Monday, 22 November 2010

The weaker sex

As an independent female, in my various relationships with men, I enter into sex as an equal partner, or, when I know it’s right to do so, I’m happy to surrender my body to them and let them take over, controlling, punishing, and ultimately pleasuring me. The dominatrix thing is not for me, and overwhelmingly the thought of a man across my knee is a massive turn off.

But a little sexual teasing with the right man at the right time has a lot to offer, and the thought of a strong good looking man temporarily at one’s mercy does get the juices flowing. These images of well built naked men tethered and helpless certainly have their appeal, and I’m sure most of the girls out there can imagine lots of ways to stimulate their flaccid penises into full majesty and then back again into satisfied exhaustion.

Any suggestions on the subject gratefully received.

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