Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Starting out (Four)

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But something else is developing along with the building pain as he determinedly spanks your young bare bottom, a growing excitement and arousal. You've so often fantasized about a man taking you across his knee to teach you a lesson and now it's happening. And even as you start to recognise those unmistakable signs that an orgasm is opening inside you like the petals of a flower, you realize something else. Something hard and alive and eager is throbbing and twitching beneath you telling you that he is getting pleasure from this too. But then why wouldn't he having a young pretty girl like you across his knee with her knickers down.

Scarcely able to cope with all this stimulus, you start to wriggle and gasp, your legs threshing and your breath staccato, but just when you feel it's all going to explode, he stops.

"OK." He says. "Maybe you've had enough." He gives your burning bottom a soothing rub. "For now anyway. Maybe a few more spanking and we'll start to see some improvement in you."

And then, and you can’t believe he's doing this, he pulls your knickers right off and puts them in his pocket. "I'll keep these for now." He says. You can spend the rest of the day without them as a reminder."

He allows you up, and not able to meet his eye in case he sees how aroused you are you go and stand by the window, but wanting to keep him in his heightened mood, you don't pull your dress down as a reminder to him just how desirable your young body is underneath your office clothes.

And the next day he spanks you again for no real reason, pulling your squirming body across his knee as if to remind you that this is how things are going to be from now on.

And in turn, you deliberately start to do things to turn him on, sitting on his desk and flirting with him till he orders you to get on with your work

Or crawling across his office floor in your shortest dress till his control snaps.

"Right, you little minx!" He says. "You're asking for another spanking." And before you know it, you're across his knee again and he's pulling your knickers down.

You're beginning to feel guilty about being unfaithful to your boyfriend who's away at the moment. You're not actually having sex with your boss, but you spend so much time now with your fingers in your knickers thinking about his spanking you that you might as well be.

You go and see Isobel to tell her what's going on, but before you know it she's busy doing Isobel things to you so you don't get round to it.

What are you going to do?

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