Monday, 22 November 2010

Deadlier than the male

It's a moot point which of the sexes have the edge when it comes to sexual cruelty and sadism. The women in these drawings certainly seem to know how to inflict pain on a victim for the express purpose of gaining erotic satisfaction, and in two of them at least they are being positively despotic. It’s one thing to take your girlfriend or secretary across your knee for a spanking, it’s quite another to give someone a savage whipping.

But then of course they are only drawings and very likely penned by a man who was turned on by the concept of fetishised females indulging their sadistic needs on each other bodies.

I rather suspect that the jury will remain out on this subject for a long while.


  1. Just found your blog. Very interesting reading. I will be back.


  2. You'e probably right, most drawings like these are by men. Even so, I have slowly come to prefer drawings to most spanking photographs. Notice how facial expressions, legs and stockings get accented in many drawings to great erotic effect! When I was growing up my parents had some sexy spanking prints on the walls in their bedroom. They also had a spanking bench there, which mom was strapped on to a few times a week. Mom told me once that they had gotten the idea of that bench from some prints they used to have when they were first married. Eventually, at 17, I started to visit their spanking bench, when mom thought it was time for me to get a maintenance or punishment spanking. The bench is still there but the prints have been exchanged for others and still in use. Laurie