Friday, 12 November 2010

Fetish party!

There's a fetish part in Amsterdam this weekend, the 13th November and I have written an article about it in the on-line magazine, Amsterdam Spoke. You can find it on

Do check it out, and better still go the party. I'm not able to, but if any of you do go, please post a comment as I would love to hear about it.

Remember, you heard about it here first!

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  1. L

    ah, you are becoming essential reading - alas have only just caught up so Amsterdam yesterday was missed but looking forward to feedback from your fans

    enjoyed your artice and amazing too - i was with friends on friday and they had dug out some old audio BBC wireless tapes - and there in all his glory was St Mugg, as he became known in his later days, pontificating about the sins of the flesh, indulgence, mortification etc and how as a young man he himself had been a beast . . .