Monday, 8 November 2010

Ten guaranteed ways to earn yourself a spanking

Dress and act innocently, but with every move and gesture designed to drive him wild.

Tell him of the naughty things you do with your special friend Lucy

Tell him of the even naughty things used to do you do with your last boyfriend.
Dress like a naughty schoolgirl and say, “I’m really sorry, Sir, but I don’t think I’m wearing regulation white knickers today.”

Have him catch you reading the newspaper when there’s a really urgent report that needs typing.

Tell him that your friend Wendy’s boyfriend always spanks her if she acts provocatively, then slowly walk upstairs in front of him in a really short skirt

Say that as at a boozy lunch with the lads at the office today they unanimously voted that you had the best pair of boobs in the office, you felt it only fair to take your take top off for them when you got back

After a pleasant days shopping in Knightsbridge with his parents, let him gradually realize that the whole time you had no knickers on under your short dress.

If all that fails give him one of my special visiting cards!

It seems I can’t add up! That’s only nine. Any suggestions for a tenth gratefully received.


  1. Oh Elizabeth, in your case surely simply acting completely normally would be sufficient......

  2. I take it this is the voice of experience...

  3. Naturally all the above comments are made from the point of view of a disinterested observer.

    What first hand experience would a nice girl like me have of such things?