Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kitchen Cuties

Bedrooms, bathrooms, perfumed gardens, and strange foreign hotels; the backs of cars and clearings in woods, leaving aside the boardroom table and your parents bed when they were out and the urge was on you. All places likely to have their own erotic resonance for you, places where you would have no difficulty in thinking that here you can still smell the sex that has taken place and know that it is a theatre where the same performance should be repeated again and again in front of the packed house of your own imagination.

But the kitchen? Definitely not the kitchen, a temple to practicality hung with utilitarian utensils and paved in common sense; yet here are a couple of girls breaking the mould and re-defining our perceptions. Their young bare bottoms are so gorgeously kissable and pinchable that in their company time and place would cease to have any meaning . These are girls you would fuck in a dustbin or take over your knee in an abattoir and not be aware of your surroundings till your erotic congress had runs its course.

And at least when you are recovering, panting with your joint exertions, it would be so easy to make them a cup of tea to show your appreciation.


  1. Ah kitchens... so many possibilities to satiate one's appetite... cooking together, kneading dough and baking bread, spilling wine and licking bowls, wielding spoons and spatulas, playing with ice cubes, telephones and blindfolds; kitchen tables to sit upon or bend over; and servants to serve us, of course: maids immaculately attired, at first, but later, alas, so sloppy... such naughty maids.

  2. Maybe she IS "just kitchen help," but she was so gracious and wouldn't let me leave until I had eaten....

  3. I hope all your appetites were satisfied.


  4. Temporarily. Oh - there WAS one more thing I wanted to do before I left.... Please tell me she'd cooperate - better yet tell me that she grabs it - we'll go from there.