Monday, 15 November 2010

Neck kiss

What a nice girl that Jennifer is, offering to massage my shoulders when things are getting on top of me. I’ve had a special affection for her since that night she stayed late with me when I was under pressure, and I couldn’t resist giving her a little kiss when we were leaving.

Heavens, that’s so nice, she’s kissing my neck now and……My God, she’s not coming on to me is she? I know I’m not that sort of girl, but I have to say it’s even nicer than when my boyfriend kisses me. Surely this couldn’t mean……?

I mustn’t think about it! I simply mustn’t think about it , but what’s the point of denying I can feel myself getting moist down there and I’m dying to kiss her back. Just get a grip, and remember you’re her boss. If she tries to put her hands on your breasts, just put her over your knee and spank her. Now that’s a wonderful thought, giving her a spanking! I could even take her panties down and teach her a real lesson.

Please God she puts her hands on my breasts ….…

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