Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mistaken Identity

When I first saw this image, not looking at it too closely I thought that it was one young girl stimulating another with a soft tawse, but looking at it more closely I realized my mistake. Protruding from the second female’s middle is a small exquisite stiffy, so this girl is in fact a man. The pose is so graceful and the features so feminine that I hope I can be excused my mistake.

Just once in the past I had a lover like this, slim graceful and very gorgeous with long curling eyelashes. He was overwhelmingly not gay but his feminine side was very much to the fore, rather like Cherubino in the Marriage of Figaro .

I normally go in for strong masculine men, but he was a pleasant change and we spent hours over gossipy dinners and buying fripperies from expensive shops, all the things girls enjoy doing with their occasional gay friends, but with him it was followed by sweet and wonderful lovemaking, completely free from the menace that often accompanies it with the dominant male type.

Variety being the spice of life, I won’t pretend I don’t miss him.


  1. L

    this is a classic and i have long sought a provenance - anyone to help us ?

    your observations, as ever a delight though

    i wonder whether it would work the other way around with a butch girlfriend - though of course there was the 91/2 sequence where our herione gets a moustache outfit and goes on the town with our hero and they eye up the talent and comment, as i recall, on relative buttock shapes - ha, you make us remember the oddest of things

    on blindfolds, lower down, have you, L, tried the 'Mindfold'


  2. Thanks. Your stimulating comments always appeciated.

    I would be interested if anyone has any ideas on where this image came from.