Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Starting Out, Part Five

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But eventually, while you and Isobel are lying on the bed together the way you do, she listens while you tell her what is going on.

“He makes me bend over his desk.” You say, “With my skirt right up. Sometimes it’s a good half hour before he spanks me, and all the while he walks up and down stroking my bottom and telling me what a naughty girl I am.

“When he does spank me though, it’s generally across his knee and always with my knickers down. Sometimes, though," You tell her trying not to blush "He takes them off completely. When he’s finished he sits me on his lap and makes it better. We don’t do anything that naughty though. "

“OK!” Says Isobel, “When I spank you, what always happens?” And you know the answer to that. “We both get very excited and then we have sex.” You tell her .

“Exactly!” She says, kissing you in that special way she does that makes you go all melty inside. “I suppose you know it’s making him excited too don’t you.” And she describes in quite unnecessary detail how he’ll be stiff and throbbing under his suit when he’s looking at you bent across his desk and you know that already as you think about it a lot.

“But as you’re not having sex with him, how do you think he deals with it?” And this is something you think about even more, and now it’s your turn to give a detailed description which Isobel listens to with her eyes bright and shining .

“I’m a such a bad girl. “ You say. “I’m always having sex with you, I’m driving my boss wild, and though I'm not actually being unfaithful to my boyfriend, I suppose I am really." And you think you should tell her the whole truth. "I mean, when he's spanking me I get really close to having an orgasm and even closer when he's soothing my bottom afterwards. What the devil am I going to do?”

“Hmm!” Says Isobel. “I think I’ve got some ideas.” But then she takes you across her knee and starts to pull your knickers down.

“What are you doing?” You cry out, but already you’re getting excited.

“I’m going to spank you.” She says. “For all the bad things you’re doing. You know you deserve it don't you." And you have to say yes knowing that she's right. "But when I’ve finished," She says exploring your young bare bottom with her hand and making you wriggle. "I’m going to make some suggestions.” (Continued)


  1. really fun and sexy little tale you tell about pretty tales getting spanked....

  2. Glad you're enjoying it. There's more to come.