Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Joanna Lumley

Is this really Joanna Lumley getting her bottom smacked? We all Love Joanna, but she did manage to annoy a lot of people in the government over the Ghurkha business, so she must have known that there would be a price to ay at some time. This is probably a junior from the Crown Prosecution Service sent down on a mission to teach her a lesson.

"Just put her over your knee and give her a spanking will you, Thompson. Make sure there are no photographers around as they’ll be no end of a fuss, and probably best not to not take her knickers down as otherwise we'll have that sleazeball Bellasconi on the phone offering to come and give you a hand.”

On closer inspection I see it’s not her at all, but it might have been. Shame really. She’s such a good sport I’m sure she would have enjoyed it.


  1. Oh if only it were her, (sigh) there is something about posh totty being soundly spanked with her knickers down across my knee that sends the blood pumping ( yes,and not only to that spot!!)


  2. L

    that is interesting and i like to think you are wrong, just covering your backside i suppose in setting up a rejoinder, lawyers and MI5 - however that triggers a memory and very real, Elizabeth Hurley, and she's quite posh, according to my best resources introduced 'you know what' to her Hollywood parties - the most popular involving blindfolds, Mindfold awfully good, it being required to recognise who was doing what to whom . . .

    think about it and use one's imagination


  3. Hmm! Being moderatly posh totty myself I find your comments interesting. Maybe I should start adopting an East Enders accent. But then again, maybe not, it wouldn't be me.