Monday, 22 November 2010

Mrs Fotherington- Fanshaw Remembers

Darling, it seemed to me that the older we got, the more time we spent across the teacher's knees with our knickers down. Once we were in the upper sixth I don't know why we bothered to put them on each morning. It wasn't all bad though as there was so much stroking and fondling while they told us how bad we were it really was quite enjoyable. The actual spankings were quite painful but it was like adding a touch of chilli to a recipe; just a bit of extra zing to the whole experience.

Canings were different, and my dear they really did hurt! You only got caned for something serious like the time I got caught playing the champagne game with Bunty Weatherspoon and Pippa Hamiltion. Oh you don't know that one? It's very simple and rather fun. It's as many girls and chaps as you like and the chaps have to make their corks pop while their chosen girl is doing anything she likes to help the process along. You know what I mean, don't you darling, I don't have to spell it out. There's a prize for the first to pop and one for the chap who pops furthest. Such a hoot!

Anyway I'd got caught, so there I was bent over in front of the whole class, knicks down and touching the toes. Fearfully embarrassing. I was really quite nervous of how painful it was going to be, but Foxy Turpin called out something quite inappropriate about how far she could see up my botty and the teacher got very cross about it. It ended up that she got spanked in front of the class and he seemed to forget all about me.

Such lovely innocent fun darling.

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