Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Starting Out (Six)

(New readers scroll back to parts one to five)

“There's a pattern to all this.” Isobel says, leaning over you with her fingers where they shouldn't be but where you love to feel them.

"And it's an uneven one. The thing is...” And you're squirming with pleasure listening to her words. “The thing is, I spank you...”

“Why do you spank me?” You ask, not because you don't know the answer, but because you do and want to hear the answer.

“Because you're a naughty little girl.” She says kissing you “And because your bottom looks so pretty when it's pink with punishment that I can't resist kissing it.

And of course because it gets the two of so wonderfully excited.” And you're kissing again and you almost forget what she's talking about.

“Tell me more.” You ask, youre insides melting.

”Well, the thing is,” She goes on. “I spank you and I also have sex with you. Your boss spanks you, but he doesn't have sex with you

And your boyfriend has sex with you, but he doesn't spank you .

This is where the unevenness is.”

“Tell me more. “ You say, even though everything she has said so far is exactly what you've been worrying about for days .

“It's not fair on your boss because having you across his knee and spanking you with your knickers down is bound to be getting him excited......”

“Why?” You ask, knowing the answer but wanting to hear her say it.

“Because if it makes me excited , then it must be having the same effect on him . “And as for your poor boyfriend …”

And this is where you cut in as you've been feeling really bad about him recently ”You're right you say, feeling really guilty. “Your right. I'm always having sex with you, I'm not actually being unfaithful with my boss, but I might as well be and, oh dear.....” And you don't know how to go on as it's so overwhelming.

“Anyway, I've got some ideas.” Isobel says but as she does so she has taken you by the wrist and is pulling you across her knee.

“What are you doing?” You say, your excitement suddenly building up as she stars to pull down your knickers.

“I'm going to spank you.” She says, “Spank you good and hard for all the bad things you're doing.” And even as she's saying this she's rubbing your young bare bottom and making it feel wonderful and you don't care how hard she spanks you as she always makes it right in the end. “But I'm going to make some suggestions first . We'll start with your boss. When you go into the office tomorrow morning, you've got to find ways of tempting him to have sex with you. Do you think you could do that ?”

But you've already thought of that one , and you're not short of ideas.....


  1. Liz - How very considerate! If only I could be a fly on the wall - better yet, if only I were your boss.... You really ARE a naughty little slut.

  2. L

    if not all else you give us to cope with, you leave tantalizing vignettes to puzzle over - back to image number one, we need to know whether the arrow was sucessfully removed from the quivering patient's right shoulder and all else of that scenario

    i feel that David is quite right but one cannot imagine what he might have in mind were he your boss . . .


  3. L

    i could not get back to the beginning, after the above, to take my time over careful study of your latest presentations so i clicked your 'home' button and somehow cme to your 'profile' - all of this is somewhat complicated to me snd it is inappropriate to get my secretary to help, these young women need little ecouragement for outrageuous behaviour - but your 'profile' how interesting and well rather sad because it says 'Team Members' and no one listed - on the other hand you do not sound a team meber sort sort of creature - i, well i, am glad to be in your 'gang' but no, not a 'team member'

    all in all i'm intrigued though over this obscure labour of love - i related a while ago how i stumbled over 'Sexualle' from a reference in a sophisticated French site i inhabit where they thought you 'tres bon, and more indeed in referring to Educating Anna - but eleswhere you have no presence and this wonderous site is not cluttered with commercials so i'm intrigued - possibly of course this will come to the attention of some hungry entrepenur who will make a takeover bid for Sexualle - delightful perhaps but the end of our little special corner

    as i say i'm intrigued because this must take time and energy too in handling these mothwatering images

    i invariably have to lie down after a session with Sexualle


  4. J- Thanks as always for your comments.

    You are right that my profile is sparse as I felt no need to over elaborate. On the other hand, my first ever posting, Introducing Elizabeth gives as much information as you proabably want to know. If you click on May postings on the side bar it will take you straight to it.

    Why do I do the blog? I started it to give my book some exposure, but since then it seems to have taken on life of its own. I had not realized how time consuming it would be, and I have to say I'm finding it particulary so now as I'm determined to have completed the editing my second book before the end of the year.Fitting it round everything else, including the blog, is not easy.

    Thank you again for your interest.


  5. J

    thank you for your prompt recapitulation dissertation, you are such an obedient creature

    so 9 out of 10

    damn, with your promptness and high marks no marks for you this session